Would You Take The Law Into Your Hands If Your 4-year-old-daughter or Sister Was Raped?

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If your 4-year-old-daughter was raped would you (a)Leave it to the Law or (b)Take The Law Into Your Hands?

We live in a world where sexual preference has no limit. Many sexually active people have created ways to relieve themselves off their sexual desires. From bestiality to necrophilia, these sadistic sexual thoughts silently seeps into the minds of self acclaimed ”sane”people which brings the question “who sleeps with a 4 year old girl? What kind of satisfaction does he or she intend to achieve?”



This act of child-rape isn’t peculiar to one country as it occurs in every country, but just few of them get reported especially if the parents don’t want  to bring shame to their family name. Hence they hide it and hope that their daughter grows up without being marred by the act, lest she grows up and neighbors begin to recount what happened to her in her childhood by further causing psychological damage for her.

Earlier this year, a child-rape incident occurred in Lagos where a 25 year old man, Kingsley Churchill, raped his neighbors 4 year old daughter right in her parents’ house. It was gathered that he first inserted his finger into her privates before having canal knowledge of her. Her parents immediately reported to the police after discovering their daughter had been raped.

Churchill was arrested and later released on bail with the sum of N50,000 and two sureties.

If you found out that someone took advantage of your 4 year old daughter or sister and raped her, what will you do? Report it to the law and hope they arrest the culprit and he gets punished legally or do you take the law into your hand and punish the culprit?



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