Synopsis and Trailer Of Nollywood Movie Crime and Justice

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Crime and Justice is the story of Detective Desmond, a highly trained SIA agent, who will stop at nothing until the terrorists destroying the lives and property of innocent citizens are brought to justice.  The terrorists are sponsored by a failed politician Dr. Belo who has vowed to make the lives of his enemies and their families a living hell.  He succeeds in killing the Chairman of the ruling party and the Governor’s son.

Chris and Ibrahim later leave the group when they find out that Dr. Belo is using them to get back at his political opponents.  Lanre, the leader of the terrorist gang, plots the planting of a bomb in the state university’s administrative block, which leads to the death of Chris’ girlfriend.  Chris will stop at nothing until Lanre is arrested by the SIA.
Detective Desmond vows to arrest Chris and every member of the gang; Lanre kidnaps Ibrahim’s only brother and promises to release him if only he (Ibrahim) succeeds in bringing both Chris and Detective Desmond down.

The movie, which was written and directed by Kenneth Nwache, will be released on DVD in November, 2015.
Watch the trailer and the final fight scene:
Below are pictures of the making:
Below are pictures from the premiere in Umahia and Awka.
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