Sugar Daddy Chronicles Semi Finale By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy Chronicles

Hey fans of Sugar Daddy Chronicles, I am back (i know, I know, I’m such an annoying person).

I apologize for disappearing like that but the thing is, sometimes I believe the story is not worth reading yet so no point. Anyway, Sugar Daddy Chronicles ends in the next episode which drops tomorrow. I’ll start another one by weekend. Now, this one won’t be an erotica (sex, yes but no erotic anything) so all of you people that like plenty rubbish, you might need to find another reason to like the new series. I promise, I would write my ass off and you would love it. The new story is about romance and friendship. Unlike SDC however, it won’t be during the night, it’ll go up in the mornings (the usual style with all my series before SDC).

That said, I would be doing a giveaway when the next series begins. Well, my best friend would be.

She owns Fashion Haul NG (you can follow on Instagram @Fashionhaulng) and she is doing a giveaway for my amazing readers (what are friends for?)

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I would repost the aforementioned things when the giveaway itself starts proper.

PS: if you have anything you want to advertise via this blog series or the new one starting, holla at me via email.

I love you, guys!


I’m at the payphone trying to call home all of my change I’ve spent on you

Where have the times gone? Baby, it’s all wrong

Where are the plans we made for two?

The phone stopped ringing and I stopped singing. I glanced at the iPhone 6 with the glittering phone case I received as a present from Chimezie three weeks before and when I realized who was calling I returned to filing my nails.

It was Chimezie.

He and the rest of my loved ones had been calling me incessantly for the three weeks I had been away without prior warning.

And as I had done with the other calls, I had fought the urge to pick it by singing along with the ringtone while I concentrated on something else.

I was in a small town in Ekiti state; thirty minutes from Ado and on the outskirt of the state itself, Iyin Ekiti was not somewhere of any interest to anyone.

At least not anyone that I knew and that could be looking for me.

My wifi was out of service and even though my other service provider had great internet and call service, the town was not your typical vacation spot.

But that was exactly why I had chosen it.

The phone was ringing again but as I had done the last five thousand times, I ignored the urge to pick by singing along to the ringtone.

But this time, the call did not end with the first buzz. It continued and on the fifth ring, I tried to find out who it was.

It was Steve.

He had not tried to reach me after the first few times that he’d called and I had refused to pick.

And that was ten days ago, ten agonizing days.

It was hard not to pick the call but I found myself winning over the phone and my heart.

But when it began to ring again, I buried my head in the closest pillow and screamed.

My screams were muffled by the fluffy pillow, making me barely audible even for myself to hear.

Why the heck was he calling so many times? Couldn’t he see I was not interested in picking his calls? Couldn’t they all see?

I was trying so hard to figure out the direction to take with my life but I honestly couldn’t do that if I was around anyone.

The phone was ringing again and I knew the battle between my heart and my resolve was going to be won by the former. So I gave up.


His voice turned me into butter immediately I heard it; he still had that effect on me and he forever would.

“Kaycee what the heck are you doing in Ekiti?”

Wait, what? How the heck did he know where I was and was that anger I sensed in his voice?

“You left Lagos, did not tell anyone not even your mom and everyone somehow assumes I know where you are. Even your freaking Sugar Daddy!”

Okay, that explained why his voice was thundering through the phone.

“I would… you know what, forget it.” Then the phone went off.

Sitting up, I tried to figure out how he had managed to find out my location.

I had barely stepped out of the room since I accompanied Step Down to Ekiti.

He was shooting 52 episodes of a huge TV series about to hit the screens and he had asked me to come along when I saw him the day before I left Lagos.

I had been planning to vacate Lagos and go somewhere nobody would dream of looking for me and when Step Down my Director friend had asked me to accompany him to Ekiti, I had jumped at the idea.

And we had been there for three weeks.

I had stayed off social media and refused to go out much and luckily for me, Step Down understood and was too busy to object anyway.

So all I did was Yoga, cry, wonder if my heart would stop beating for Steve and eat.

I had also shut everyone out.

And that had been working perfectly until Steve somehow discovered me.

But how?

My phone rang again and I picked it, “Steve…”

“Open the door.” He said.

Wait, what?

“Kaycee, open your freaking door.”

I got up, pulled my grey sweatshirt over my head, squeezed myself into a pair of ripped blue jeans and walked to the door.

When I opened it, he was there, staring at me the angriest I had ever seen him.

And I was not sure if it was the way his eyes burned into mine or the fact that we were so close we could hear each other’s heartbeat that caused the sudden heat in the room but, suddenly the temperature seemed to rise.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him, trying to distract myself by looking away from his face and busying myself with his sky blue shirt which was rolled up his sleeves and which had a few buttons loose.

“That’s my question to you”

“I came here because I needed time.”

“And because you’re trying to run away from me.”

“Don’t flatter yourself”

“Don’t lie to yourself”

He was right, I was lying to myself. But I was not willing to reveal that information to him.

“How did you find me?” I asked



“Well, you happened to be in the same picture as an overtly excited woman who shared a photo of herself yesterday in this hotel.”

I did remember a certain woman taking selfies a table away from me while I lunched yesterday evening.

I had decided to step out for lunch for the first time in days and because I needed the fresh air, I had chosen a table outside the fancy restaurant and sat outside.

There, just me and the said woman were seated.

But she was the only enthusiastic one, waving at me excitedly and even asking me to help her take a photo of herself and her meal at a time.

The normal me would have simply ignored but I needed her to be quiet and stop assuming we were besties.

“She uploaded the photo with the location. It was pretty easy to find you like that.”

I shrugged, he lifted my chin with a finger and turned my face in the direction of his.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing, Kaycee?”

“Getting my life together.”

“In Ekiti?”

I removed his finger and turned towards the bed, “You would rather I do it in your bed?”

“Kaycee, stop being silly. I wanted us together and you know it.”

“Oh I did? I remember fucking you the day I was told you couldn’t live without me.”

He chuckled, “Wait you thought I called you because I was horny”

“Didn’t you?”

He shook his head, amused he said, “If I were I would have dealt with that somehow.”

“Maybe you ran out of Vaseline” I retorted and sat on the edge of the bed, far away from him.

He shrugged, “maybe”

“What are you doing here?” It was my turn to get an answer.

“I came to find you.”

The world suddenly got cropped out of our lives and he began to be the only person who mattered.


“Because I want you to be my girlfriend.”

“I have history with your cousin”

“Everyone has history with someone”

“This history is sexual”

“I know. I know how generous y’all got with each other”

“Ode” I said and tried to suppress a smile.

“Come with me, Kaycee. Let us start life afresh”

“We would be hurting AKT”

“We would be hurting each other more if we don’t get together.”

I paused for a while before I replied, “Okay”

He drew me up and I suddenly felt woozy. Grabbing his hands tightly for support, I leaned on his shoulder.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

“I don’t know. That was weird.”

“I missed you, babe” He said, planting kisses all over my forehead.

I giggled, “You have no idea how hard this has been.”

“It’s been hard for me too. But so would the next couple of weeks, at least until everyone around us wraps the idea of two of us together in their heads.”

I was prepared to face that with him.

I knew with him that would be easier to deal with.

“So, Lagos?”

“Yes” I muttered and once again tried to fight the dizziness by shutting my eyes tightly.






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  1. Finally sista tomi eyaff come back
    new series..Ayam seriously looking forward to it
    SDC…finding love in the weirdest place….plenty hurt…
    Love!!!…I smile

  2. am happy for kaycee sha… though i don’t like steve guy for anything… i wish she ended up with akt buh thats dE crazy way of love…. bring on dE next series ayam ready + blessUp tomi

  3. Tomi be very careful………….you think you can be toying with a grown man … me (Smile) .making me read..dis kelechi mba mills and boons …………making me refresh 360 nobs like a maniac every day………….anyway nice one

  4. Kaycee has carried belle!! Lol! I just know it can’t end well for her. There’s nothing like a happy ending after everything she has done. Can’t wait for the finale! Thanx tomi!

  5. I have said within myself that I will not comment until I have come to the end of this SDC series 3 days ago. What a fantastic and alluring way to write Tomilola. Kudos! Be as it may I do not see Kelechi living a normal lyf or some sort of happy ever after life with Steve. I only hope the law of Karma will not reflect.

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