Strange Sleeping Sickness in Asian Town Makes Victims Have Intense Craving For Sex When They Finally Wake

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Some two villages in Kazakhstan are facing a plague of horror movie proportions that makes the residents suddenly drop off and sleep for as long as six days.

This sleep routine happens regardless of age, gender and time of day. As if that is not weird enough, when the victims wake up from this mysterious sleep, the first and only thing they long for is intense sex.

A resident of the locality passed out from effects of the disease

A nurse who described a male patient who had just awakened claimed that the man “still couldn’t eat properly let alone walk, but he was all over his wife. He really needed it.” It is said that this sexual urge continues so for up to a month, constituting significant health risks for both the men and women involved.

A local Russian paper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, which covered the story stated that children who suffer from the strange ailments have a different sort of problem when they wake up.

The newspaper reported that the children usually experience nightmarish hallucinations. They said they see worms eat their hands, and their mothers grow eyes on their foreheads. They claim to see winged horses and snakes under their beds as well.

The Kazakh government has spent a reported $10 million in finding the cause and cure for this mysterious illness, as well as in relocating the residents to another locality.

The conundrum was eventually solved when research showed that the illness resulted from carbon monoxide poisoning from Uranium mines in those areas. Large quantities of trapped carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons have been escaping from the uranium mines. The level of harmful gas in the air significantly increases, consequently affecting the residents of the said towns due to the lack of oxygen.



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