Sofia Vergara Denies Being One Of Bill Cosby’s Rape Victims

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Sofia Vergara not a Cosby victim

Actress Sofia Vergara has shut down rumors that she’s one of a bevy of ladies that were once sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby.

Sofia Vergara not a Cosby victim
Sofia Vergara not a Cosby victim

A video had surfaced of a 2003 interview interview between the pair had surfaced, with Cosby evidently flirting aggressively with the Modern Family star.

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Cosby had been guest-hosting for show host David Lettermann, and told Vergara in the interview that she made him feel “excited”.

“Men look at you, and they think only of sin,” the comedian said in the video. “What you have on tonight is wonderful. This is just wonderful. When you walked out, many people became attentive.”


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“Don’t die on me!” she joked. “This is my first time on American TV. Don’t die here! But maybe if you do die, I will be very famous. Tomorrow, everybody will know me. Bill Cosby died interviewing Sofia Vergara.”

The video’s surfacing had prompted the rumors that something may have happened later, but Vergara has denied that such ever did.

“Respect people. Stop inventing nonsense,” she wrote in Spanish in response to the reports.



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