Sexy Abs – How To Get That Perfect 6 Pack

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Sexy Abs – How To Get That Perfect 6 Pack

6 pack

There’s nothing sexier than seeing a man with great abs and just wondering  “oh my, look at that six pack”, effing sexy as hell especially for women. Those finely formed 6-pack can make a woman imagine so many things and can make another man feel insecure about his body if he doesn’t have one.

Although men don’t really compliment each other for having a great body (leave that for  the women),  some secretly wish they can get one. Spending exorbitantly to have a chiseled bod but still not seeing any result.

Reasons for not having a 6-pack according to some men range from stress, no time, and too expensive amongst other excuses. This ”ab-less” men use this excuses to hide their insecurity of not having a great body adorned with the perfectly sexy 6 pack.

What many  don’t know is the two secrets to having that great bod, which is, one, strict dieting and two, a precise work-out plan which focuses on the abdominals.


Well take a quick read on how to get that sexy pack and the best part is, you can do it in the comfort of your home, stress free, and timed to suit your busy schedule.

Here are 3 quick ways to get those sexy abs in 30 days: 

1          FLUTTER KICKS – Begin by laying flat on your back with both arms by your side. Lift legs slightly above the ground. Start by making small up and down movements with one leg then do the same on the other leg. (at least 20 counts, see image).




2         CRUNCHES – Lay with you back flat on the ground, your feet on the floor while bending knees. Place your hand behind your head to lift it, and raise your upper body while ensuring your knee doesn’t move.



3       PLANK –   Lay front face flat. Using your elbow and knees, straighten your legs and raise your body so you are supported by your toes and elbows.

plank exercise



For the most effective results it’s important to take 30 minutes everyday to practice these moves while alternating work-out styles. Time yourself properly so it doesn’t seem stressful and tiring. Also eat lots of fruits and stay away from excess fatty foods. And always take lots of water.



If you do all this, you will definitely get those 6-packs and have your share of women yearn for your bod too.



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