Sex Position Of The Week – Showerestasy: Standing Embrace (Behind)

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With over 100 new ways to have sex with, the ”Showerestasy” Series features the STANDING EMBRACE (BEHIND) Position which is one of pure romance and lust all in one warm passionate embrace.

The position is one of the new ways to turn your sex up and do something new and different for a change. The best part is, it can occur anytime you’re indoors, good bye daddy and mommy. Plus, no need to worry about dirt, or smelly pits, just get in a shower and get sexing.


If you haven’t tried this position before, well you are in for a treat, read on, you’ll definitely have this in your ”sex to-do list”; And if you have tried it before, trust you’ll take away some new tip you’ll be trying out on your next sex-capade.


NOTE: All Showerestasy Positions occur in the shower, bath tub, or sauna.

While standing behind the woman, he parts her thighs. With one hand holding his penis, he finds her softness and stimulates every bit of her vagina by gliding his penis over her soft, warm pleasure. While doing that, he uses one hand to fondle her boobs tenderly, moving from one boob to the other. He keeps his mouth busy, nibbling all over her neck and shoulder blades. She is busy too, busy moaning and getting wet.

The woman gives back as much as she’s receiving. With one hand she finds the hand pleasuring her vagina, aches her back to make his penetration easier and guides him  into her enclave.

She turns her head to seek his mouth and he claims it. Suckling on her lips in one heady steam of furious passion.


Following her lead, he feels her moist on his penis, he slips in, filling all of her with his length, as she moans in pleasure from every thrust of his penis in her vagina. He doesn’t stop fondling, and kissing.

With one hand nibbling on one boob, he slides the other hand down her vagina, gently feeling the heat from her wetness, he continues teasing her clitoris and vulva with each feathery touch, his mouth finds hers again and they share more passionate kisses. He continues thrusting all his length into her depth.


To Go Harder – Squeeze her into your embrace, holding her abdomen with one hand while pulling her neck back to rest on your shoulder, hold her throat while nibbling on her neck and thrust passionately inside her until you’re both lascivious.

With this position, he uses every part of him. His penis, his mouth and both hands. Although she does so much receiving, he is free to use her body to satisfy his every desire, She succumbs to his sexual prowess.

Best with rivulet of water cascading on both your skins.







Play Safe

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