Sex Position Of The Week – The Scissors Move

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While he’s inside you, staring down at your face and touching your body, you are nibbling on his breast buds. With each thrust, he feels the tingling sensation of your mouth sucking hard on his buds.

Sex Position Of The Week brings to your reading and learning pleasure “The Scissors Move”. This move is one of my faves due to its intimacy and self-paced ride to orgasm.


Begin by laying on your side (both of you), now, the guy should part her thighs with his, start by tingling the clits as it would turn her on and make penetration sweeter. You haven’t plunged in yet. Allow her hold your penis and rub against her clits, the feel of her hands on your penis will turn her on, esp, if you are throbbing hard already.

Hold your hand over hers while it’s still on your penis and rub it against her vagina. Let go of your hand as you watch her pleasure herself orally and get horny, wet and ready for your penis to plunge in. (Let her hold your penis, it gives her strength holding it and knowing she can do whatever she wants to herself with it).

Prep to plunge, Part those thighs once your penis feels her vagina juice, you know its show time. While she lifts her leg as high as she can, cover her hands with yours, find her vagina and put it in still holding her hands while kissing her.

Or you (the guy) can lift her thigh/leg yourself, while you watch her hold onto your penis and stick it inside her. If you lift her thighs, tell her to stick your penis into her vagina herself while you watch.

As you plunge “Dickstract” her close your mouth on her breast so she doesn’t know which pleasure to react to, she’s so dickstracted she’s feeling everything.

When stimulating her clit, suck your hand (or you stick your finger in her mouth sensually) to get it wet if she isn’t juiced up yet, women don’t like dry hands on their vagina.

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Wrap around him while you’re both in the scissors position, with his hard penis still thrusting into you, get your arm around his waist to stroke and fondle his bum.

He’ll find your clit, and with each hard plunge, he’ll rub his index finger and thumb on it, while you caress his body with one hand, the other arm fondles his bum and your mouth is still sucking those buds. (depends on flexibility).

Yes, this position is selfish You’re doing most of the work (the guy), but with this position your focus is on the pleasure of watching your her face as she licks those lips and moans with each thrust.

Get one in by filling her with your entire length, squeeze her into your embrace while fucking her hard without pulling out at all.

Both hands must be busy it’s not just the penis or vagina now, cos one great thing about this position is it frees up every other part needed to make the sex amazing unlike doggy, where there’s hardly hands, the scissors allows you do so much. Feel everything, Touch passionately.

For the woman – this position is great for you since you won’t be exerting so much energy. Make it worth your while by holding onto him as he squeezes you, with each thrust, suck hard on his buds, grab his face, and look deep into it and tell him “I love having you inside me” that should earn you one mad ass thrust.

You’ll bear your part by holding up your leg from time to time which might seem stressful but if he’s hitting it right, you won’t feel anything except his penis hitting that g spot.

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Tell him to watch as he thrusts inside you, you want to watch him watch as he slams into you.

Tip – When he’s slamming into you without pulling out, tighten your vagina walls, hold his hard penis in, the tension will make him cum so hard, he won’t even know how you did it. *wink

For the man – while in that position grab her ass with one hand if it’s not busy pleasuring her clit while using the other to caress her (depends on how flexible you are) go deep into her and don’t pull out, squeeze her into your embrace, like you don’t want to let her go.

Nibble on her earlobes, while calling out her name and telling her how wonderful being inside her feels, act like you wan’t to make a hard thrust, pull out, find her nipples and suck hard on it while you slip back in.

This time, she has her legs wrapped around your waist, grab that ass, squeeze and thrust hard, enough of the slow riding, she’s feeling it now, each thrust should follow a kiss, clit pleasure or nipple sucking.

Tip – Move backward a bit so you can have clear visual off your penis ramming in and out of her vagina. She’s moaning on you and you can feel all her vagina walls squeezing you, refusing to let go. She’s watching you watch her.

Orgasm just happened. *wink


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