Serena Williams Slays For Baazar

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And though you can’t bring down Serena William’s beauty (believe me, it has been tried), to limit her slaying to just her physical beauty will be insulting. ‘Slay’ here means all round slaying.

The 21 Grand Slam singles titles-winning tennis pro was featured in the November edition of Harper’s BAZAAR’s magazine titled ‘Women Who Dare’. The subtitle says it is an edition where “Bazaar celebrates women who live by their own rules and are brave enough to take flight.”

Serena Williams

She talked about last two years when she was trying to make it to 18 wins and be the greatest female player of all time (she is way past that now), a life-threatening pulmonary embolism she suffered in 2011, and other issues in life.

At the end of the feature, one will get one clear message – at 34, Serena Williams is still being a winner when she is supposed to be past her prime, and she is enjoying it.



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