“See inside my new luxury Banana Island, Ikoyi home” – Linda Ikeji Shares Photos Of Her Home

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Linda Ikeji who was unusually silent over the acquisition of a new home in Lagos high brow, Banana Island neighbourhood has finally spoken up in detail about the house.

In an article on her blog, she shared pictures of the house along with detailed description of the features in the mansion.

She said,

The house is on 3 floors consisting of 6 en-suite bedrooms, a master suite with a separate walk-in      closet/dressing room and a massive bathroom suite, 2 living rooms, media room, cinema room, gym room, laundry room, a fully fitted kitchen, with a large pantry. Two room boys-quarters, a gatehouse, garden, swimming pool, waterfall wall, changing room, cabana, and amazing water-view. Absolutely my dream home. Dreams do come true, you know!

Inside Linda Ikeji's House6
The sitting room

Inside Linda Ikeji's House1Inside Linda Ikeji's House2 Inside Linda Ikeji's House3 Inside Linda Ikeji's House4Inside Linda Ikeji's House19Inside Linda Ikeji's House18Inside Linda Ikeji's House17Inside Linda Ikeji's House16Inside Linda Ikeji's House15Inside Linda Ikeji's House14Inside Linda Ikeji's House13Inside Linda Ikeji's House12Inside Linda Ikeji's House11Inside Linda Ikeji's House10Inside Linda Ikeji's House9Inside Linda Ikeji's House8Inside Linda Ikeji's House7 Inside Linda Ikeji's House5



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  1. A very beautiful house but this house is too big for you.look for something of your own size before boredom and insecurity sets in.

  2. Scree! This is presidential. Linda’s living the life. I wonder if blogging pays this much tho cos basically I haven’t heard any other Nigerian achieve such feat (I stand to be corrected). Nonetheless, I respect ladies like this whose hustle speak for em

    1. Do u want to marry her? She will never marry any African. You African men will use her money and chase other girls. Linda if u must marry oyibo

  3. Awwww…This is breathtaking!!! You give the younger women hope! Congratulations, am not any blogger’s fan tho, I just open up any blog link that catches my attention so I cannot say much but I promise that henceforth, I will be checking to see that which made you distinct from others…It’s God’s grace…

  4. Men I don’t no what to. Say this is indeed a blessing may you leave long to enjoy all what you Work for insha allahu may Allah be With you Jeje ooooooooo

  5. this is reward for Linder’s hustling for long time. from modelling turn blogger. just keep on moving, one day you will get there. I am happy for you

    I have so much pity for you,you are indeed a lady that is NOT wise!

  7. Linda, well done and as for Nkechi and friend Amina,you girls should desire to make it like she(Linde) did and learn the right way to advice. Whether. Nigerian man or white if God leads her to her right man it is good,because it pays when after much success you will be identify with a right man. I wish you Linda best of luck.

  8. You have paid your dues girl and you deserve every piece of the reward coming your way now. God took you here, hold fast, you’ll surely overcome every other thing. Your new year goodwill message to young ladies and YES by extension every young person whatever sex or gender was moving and highly on point -nice one coming from your quarters, Linda. Prosperous New Year.

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