Scott Disick: Star’s Supposed Girlfriend Is Someone Else’s Girlfriend

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Scott Disick

Scott Disick does not have a girlfriend, not yet.

The father of three and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex lover was spotted with a mystery blonde days ago and since then, there have been speculations and of course a lot of interest in the woman.

Since Scott and Kourtney called it quits, he has been spotted severally and in different clubs but never has he been seen with another woman.

Not until the blonde suddenly emerged in his photos and hung with him from night till 6am in the morning.

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After a lot of digging, foreign media came up with the identity of the mystery blonde; she is 18 years old, is from Canada and her name is Lindsay Vrckovnick.

However, she is claiming that she’s just friends with Scott.

In fact, according to TMZ she is friends, the pictures are “misleading” and that’s about it.

But just like the rest of the world, Lindsay is reportedly having problems convincing her boyfriend that she’s just pals with Disick and the photos mean nothing.

Well, who can blame the boyfriend? I mean, we don’t all hangout with just friends from night till morning in fancy hotels and clubs.

This is not the first time Lindsay and Scott are hanging out together. TMZ claims they first did this year in July.


At least we know Kourtney and her family won’t be angry at the age of the girl in question.

After all, their kid sis got defended by them when Tyga and her were “just friends” 🙂



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