Scott Disick Spotted Partying All Night With “Mystery Blonde”

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Scott Disick

Scott Disick has been spotted partying since he and his partner of nine years, Kourtney Kardashian split up.

The Party boy who is not one to shy away from the hottest clubs/lit nights has been since mostly at night clubs giving appearances since his highly publicised split from the reality star.

Scott who shares three kids with Kourtney Kardashian, got dumped by her in June after he was photographed hooking up with his ex while on vacation. And while it is not certain if that was the only reason the couple split up, Scott has reportedly been a source of worry to Kourt for a while now.

And if his stints at Rehab and his seeming refusal to change were anything to go by, it seemed the couple’s split would have come anyway.

Now that he is single though, the father of three is not missing out on a day of single life.

But since the split, he has not been publicly seen with a woman. At least, not one he is spending several hours in the same night with.

According to TMZ, Scott Disick and his mystery female companion hooked up at a bar, then went to a house party and then ended up in popular New York club, 1OAK.

The club is also frequented by the Kardashian sisters, and it has hosted them numerous times.

Scott and his mystery companion reportedly partied all through the night there and, left Soho house together Thursday morning.

Looks like Scott is not missing any of that Kardashian goodness.

If he is, he is definitely not acting it.

Scott 3 Scott 2 Scott Scott Disick A lot of fun was surely had on this date/hook up/hangout.




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