SAD Images Of A Tragic ‘Cyclops’ Baby Born With One Eye In Middle Of Forehead In Egypt Due To Radiation Exposure

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The tragic ‘Cyclops’ baby with one eye in the middle of his forehead was born after his mother ‘was exposed to radiation during pregnancy’

An Egyptian woman gave birth to a baby boy with only one eye and no nose – a very rare defect that gives him the appearance of the mythical one-eyed giant Cyclops, the Daily Mail reported.

Born at a private hospital in the north-eastern town of El Senbellawein, in Egypt, the tragic baby, who is believed to be suffering from cyclopia, is only expected to live a few days.

Cyclops BabyPhoto-credit: DailyMail

The condition, which is more common in animals, occurs when the eye sockets do not form correctly in the womb.

Most babies with this disorder do not survive as they often have other severe defects, including seriously malformed hearts.

Dr Ahmed Badruddin, who is supervising the baby’s condition at the hospital, said the infant was born with other deformities, which could be the result of the mother’s exposure to radiation or medicines she took, the paper reported, citing Saudi news site

cyclops baby

A heartbreaking picture of the child was released (above) by the family, who are receiving counselling.



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