Ronda Rousey Is Red Hot On The Cover Of SELF Magazine

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Ronda Rousey covers Self magazine

Actress Ronda Rousey has covered the latest edition of fitness magazine, Self magazine.

The actress, who is undefeated in the UFC, showed off her amazing body for the magazine and spoke about her unbeaten record.

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“It’s motivating, because it’s something I have to keep earning. When I was a kid, all I did was train. I never went to a dance, I never had a date, I never went to a single party. Training was my whole life, and it was because I wanted to be able to win the Olympics more than I wanted to go to the movies with my friends. It’s funny, because people get offended by the mind-set that it takes to be the best,” she said of her record.

“If I say that I’m the best in the world, sometimes people think that’s really cocky and arrogant, but I had to work hard to be able to believe in myself. In your teens, you start to become super self-conscious. I had to build that up,” she explained.

Check her red hot cover out below!

Ronda Rousey covers Self magazine
Ronda Rousey covers Self magazine

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