Rock To Work – Three Things You Should Know When Rocking A Pantsuit To The Office

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The pantsuit garb depicts one of elegance and class. It’s a look that always makes a good impression especially when worn properly. While some women may know how to rock the pantsuit to work, others might not, and for both groups there are few things to take note of.

We will be giving out Three Things She Should Know When Rocking A Pant Suit To The Office.

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Pantsuits Must Be Tailored To Fit – When making or buying your ideal pant suit, always shape it to suit your body. It should stick to your bod and look like a second skin. Don’t wear a pant suit that looks bogus or leaves room for extra material.

Pairing White Never Goes Out Of Style – Pairing white both as an inner vest or as the pant suit itself never goes out of style. When unsure of what to match your suit with, irrespective of the design, pattern or style, white never fails to live up to expectation.

Ensure to have a white vest or tank top in your wardrobe cos it can come in handy soon.


Suits Always Match The Pants – What’s the difference in a suit and a coat? Well, coats or jackets don’t match, suits do.

For it to be referred to as a ‘suit’ it must have a matching top and bottom pair. If it doesn’t then it’s not a suit, it’s a coat or a jacket. Hope you dig the diff now.


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If you are inspired to wear a pantsuit this week, remember, the fitter the better (although free-fit suits work too), pairing with white always does the trick and the pant and jacket must match for it to be a suit else, well, you know it’s just a coat or jacket.













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