Rock To Work – Get Eyes On Fleek

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Makeup is an essential part of dressing up, particularly as it brightens the face and draws attention to it. From the eye shadow to the eye brows, every woman wants their eyes to be on fleek.

Although every one wants the best look, not all can achieve it. Eye makeup is about finding out what works for your skin and where its been worn to.



For work makeup, it’s important to keep the make up as minimal or natural as possible, unless if you are in a profession that insists you stay glam then you can go as loud as you wish.


Also use dark shades of colors that compliment what you wear, always clean out smudges, as that can make your look come off as badly done and use eye liners as they give your eyes depth.



Be free with colors, go beyond normal sometimes, discover what suits you and try it out in as many shades as possible.

Remember that for the work look, less is more.


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