Raven Symone Receives Backlash For Saying She Won’t Hire Someone With A “Black” Name

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Raven Symone

Raven Symone has once again been dragged into the spotlight after making certain comments on the The View.

The Co Host of the popular daytime show has been accused of making racist comments for a while now and this time around, she is being dragged for saying she would not hire people with certain black names.

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While on the recent episode of the show, Raven Symone and the other hosts discussed the most “ghetto names”.

With different names coming up, Raven decided some of them were too ghetto for her and she would not employ them left to her.

This has generated a lot of responses from black Twitter.

With most people saying Raven has identity issues.

See the clip of the show where the Host talks about how your name can determine your career…

Now we are not African Americans, neither do we live in the society where Raven lives.

But we do migrate a lot in Nigeria and so, this could apply to Nigerians at any point. So do you believe your name can determine your employment chances if you lived in the US?



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