Pr**k Job: Man Hospitalized After Injecting Penis With Silicon

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For many, size does matter. And that’s the motivation behind a 57 year old Vietnamese who injected his penis with silicon in a bid to increase its size.

The man did the deed one and a half years ago after some people told him that it could enlarge his penis and improve his sex life. Unfortunately for him, the silicon began to clot a few months ago.

Doctor Nguyen Phuoc Loc of Can Tho General Hospital said the patient was admitted to the hospital on October 12 with a swollen penis that was distorted by silicone clots. Loc said the patient can be discharged soon and added that silicone injections into human body are illegal in Vietnam.

“Injecting silicone directly into the body is very dangerous because it can lead to infection and necrosis. It can also block circulation, leading to death,” he said.

In 2013, Ho Chi Minh City doctors have reported dozens of emergency cases in which male patients tried to enlarge their penises with silicone injections. Doctors said some men have penis size anxiety and believe male enhancement can bring them happy relationships. They said the average Vietnamese penis is similar in size to those of men in other countries.



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