POWER: The Stars Of The Show Spotted On Set [Photos]

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POWER: The Stars Of The Show Spotted On Set

Y’all know we cannot wait for the third season of Power to begin and so whenever we spot anything remotely connected to the show, we have to enjoy it.

What Side You On: We still don't know where Dre stands.
What Side You On: We still don’t know where Dre stands.

At least till we have our dose of Power, we would have to make do with even the photos from behind the scene.

So you know how happy we were when we stumbled on BTS pictures of James St Patrick, Tommy, Tasha and Keisha on Theybf.com

With first two episodes from season three reportedly shot, the cast seem to be working hard towards the most anticipated show next year.

Power Power 2

Power is currently being filmed in Queens.

We cannot wait for what the show would bring next year. Especially for ’cause I am Team Tasha and Ghost.

Are you excited? Who’s your favorite on the show?

Photos: Theybf || Starz.com



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