PHOTOS: Selena Gomez Covers Wonderland Magazine

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Selena Gomez covers Wonderland

Fresh off the release of her new album, RevivalSelena Gomez is the cover of the latest edition of Wonderland magazine.

The Good For You singer posed for the magazine 10th Anniversary edition in clothes from Miu Miu’s Fall 2015 collection.

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She spoke to the magazine about the negative impact of social media on people, saying it was making people lose touch of what was real.

“The problem is that people are looking at all these pages and then they are thinking less of themselves. They feel like they need to be exactly like what these people are posting… all for what? A follow or a like? Literally, for a red heart on a screen. Obviously I’ve been guilty of doing that, I’m not going to say I’ve not had moments where that happened to me. But I had to realize that the real world was exactly where I need to be, or else I’m going to lose my mind.”

Check her out below!

Selena Gomez covers Wonderland
Selena Gomez covers Wonderland

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