Photos From Coco Austin’s Baby Shower

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Coco Austin's baby shower

Coco Austin’s baby shower

Reality star Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin was all shades of happy and gorgeous as she held her baby shower.

36-year old Coco, who is expecting her first child with husband Ice-T, exposed a lot of cleavage in a floor-length dress as she partied with friends and family.

READ: Coco Austin Steps Out With Her Non-existent Baby Bump

Fans have been amazed by the absence of a visible baby bump, as Coco is over 7 months gone.

The baby is gonna be a girl, and father Ice-T revealed that she already has a name earlier in August.

“It’s a girl, and she’s already got a name: Chanel,” said Ice-T on their show, Ice & Coco.

See photos from the shower below!

Coco Austin's baby shower
Coco Austin’s baby shower

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