Personal Items You Should Have In Your Boyfriend’s Crib

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So you guys are going steady and sometimes you sleep over. Or most times you sleep over. He may not have given you his key but he pretty much has given you space to be free in his apartment. The one thing you should know is that men are territorial, hence you do not claim boss in your guy’s space unless he gives you the right to do so.

The trick is to take an overnight handbag that can carry all you need from your toothbrush to deodorant to extra underwear. Please, don’t go there with a traveling box or he will freak out.

Unless he tells you to leave a shirt or two or asks if he can dump your dirty t-shirt in his laundry basket, you are not yet welcome. Therefore, tread carefully.

Here are a list of things you can leave behind that would not get his antennae up.

  1. Shampoo and conditioner

shampoo and conditioner

Very harmless. In fact, he won’t think you’re invading his space. When you’re not there, he might even use it.

2. Hairbrush 


Use it for your weave and leave it by the bedside or the bathroom. A hairbrush never made anyone feel uncomfortable.

3. Hair bands and pins

hair bands

These things easily get missing so don’t make a fuss if you take some to his place and you can’t find one or two of them.

4. The almighty toothbrush


Now, some guys freak out when they see their girlfriend’s toothbrush where they keep theirs so you have to be smart about it. Have an excuse for why it is there. You could choose to brush after a meal and explain that you love good dental hygiene. After that, leave the brush right beside his.

5. The sneaky panty beneath his pillow


After sex, do not get in a hurry to pick your underwear. Leave a panty or a bra lying somewhere for him to sniff when no one is around. Trust me, he will thank you later.

 6. Spray your perfume on his pillow


Don’t overdo it. Just spray once and leave memories of you around him after you’re gone.





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