Pastor Uses Twenty-three Million Pounds Of Church Money To Make His Wife A Pop Star To Reach Unbelievers

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Pastor Uses Twenty-ThreeMillion Pounds Of Church Money To Make His Wife A Pop Star To Reach Unbelievers

While we are in Nigeria bothering about how our pastors use church money to travel abroad, fly private jets and charge exorbitant school fees (for the church-school owners), Kong Hee, is spending twenty-three million pounds on making his wife a pop star in order to reach unbelievers in Singapore. Wonderful.

Every religion has their peculiar of spreading the word of God, but this bizarre campaign to make their Singaporean church leaders a global celebrity (in God’s name) has definitely gone downhill as their leaders has been convicted of fraud.

Officially dubbed one of the weirdest news in 2015, six leaders of a Singaporean church have been accused of conning twenty-million-pounds from its church donations, all to fund the project of turning the pastor’s wife to a rap star.
Kong Hee who is the founder and a pastor in the City Harvest Church and his five aids who argued that the funds were used legitimately to spread the word of God secularly by helping their pastor break into the US, couldn’t convince the judge.

Kong Hee’s wife, Sun Ho, stage name Geisha, has been reported to perform explicit-sexually charged music videos which have absolutely no relevance to the evangelical message. The good message is lost in between her sexual dance music videos.

The church, City Harvest Church is presently one of Singapore’s largest and was founded by Kong and Sun as far back as 1989. With over fourteen-thousand-five-hundred members, this large congregation proudly supports their pastor, calling the fund a ‘’cross-over project’’ which needed Sun as the public face to reach unbelievers worldwide.

Although no sentence has been given out yet, Singapore is a country that never plays with financial crime whether you’re stripping for the lord or you’re just plain extorting money, they crack down big time on any and all financial crime.

Wouldn’t you just love to be a pastor’s wife and have all your music videos shot with believers money?

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  1. Lmao couldn’t read this thing past the first two paragraphs! And y’all thought your Pastors in Nigeria were bad? You have to give it up for this Pastor Mrs Nicki Minaj and her husband abeg.

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