Parts Of Your Body Your Hands Shouldn’t Touch

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You must never under any condition whatsoever (‘cept it be a matter of life and death) touch your face with your hands. The only time it can be condoned is when you have to wash your face. Dermatologists opine that your fingers contain oil that clog your pores when you bring them to your face.

Most people are not so conscious of what they touch and no matter how clean you try to make your hands, they always, always have germs. He or She might want to touch your face in a romantic way, but that’s a body part that even romance can’t get through. You don’t know where his/her hands been.

DON’T TOUCH: The Ear Canal

Recent study has revealed that introducing anything into the ear canal can tear the thin skin lines that line the ear canal. You wanna go deaf?

If you feel tenacious itching in your ear, schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist. They are in the best position to decide if the problem is wax accumulation, eczema of the ear skin, or infection.


DON’T TOUCH The Butt –

You are only permitted to touch your butt if you want to wash or wipe them. Okay you are done washing your butt or butt-hole, gross, wash your hands and keep them to yourself. You must not use anything of any kind (to y’all freaks) to touch your butt or butt-hole except hands. And I mean, human hands (and not every hand should touch your butt lest they leave bacteria for you).

Always wash hands after touching anyone’s butt, including your loved ones. It’s been medically proven that the butt-hole does contain bacteria that could be harmful. So when next you’re tempted to smack that girls ass, remember you cloud just slap bacteria into your life.


DON’T TOUCH: The Eyes 

Do you really need anyone to spell out the repercussions of always touching your eyes?! Didn’t think so, but I’ll remind you once again. The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body as this gemstones are the light to the body.

Ophthalmologists advice that the only reason your hands should have to find its way into your eyes is if you’re putting in contacts or washing away particle that found its way into your peepers, else, keep them off limits. You can easily introduce germs into your eyes by touching and rubbing. Those bugs could cause anything from pinkeye to a scarier infection. “Don’t touch and don’t rub.”

If you do experience itchiness, dryness, or contact lens discomfort, talk to your eye doc. He or she can address the underlying issue. Do not touch your eyes or you’ll go blind.


DON’T TOUCH: The Mouth

The mouth is a body part that hugs bacteria like crazy so be careful who you kiss and who flicks your lips. It might be cute but they might leave bacteria in their wake.

There is so much dirt on your hands and fingers, and sometimes, one can unconsciously transfer them to the mouth. Shout out to all the nail-biters. Recent research from the U.K. found that people put their fingers on or around their mouths an average of 23.6 times per hour when they were bored at work. And they still did it 6.3 times an hour when they were busy! That’s a problem: What about Nigeria?

A third to a quarter of germs tested transferred from study subjects’ fingers to their mouths. Maybe you should invest in hand sanitizers if you can’t keep your hands off your mouth.

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DON’T TOUCH: The Nostrils

Quit digging for gold: In a 2006 study of ear, nose, and throat patients published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, nose pickers were 51% more likely to carry Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their schnozzes than those who kept their hands off.

Nose pickers or those who dig for gold in their nose are 51% more likely to have Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in their nostrils (insides of the nose) than those who didn’t pick them. Plus its just nasty as hell to pick your nose like a homeless person. Wait, what… Stop picking!!.



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