Oscar Pistorius Begins 4 Years Of House Arrest

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Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest

Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest

South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius has begun serving his 4-year house arrest sentence.

Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest
Oscar Pistorius begins house arrest

Pistorius had been given a 5-year sentence for manslaughter after he fatally shot girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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Pistorius, nickamed Bladerunner, sold his own house to cover for legal fees, and is now serving his correctional supervision at his uncle, Arnold Pistorius’ house.

“Oscar is here, and Oscar is at home with the family,” said the family spokesperson, Anneliese Burgess. “The family is happy that Oscar is at home.”

Pistorius was due for release on Tuesday, but was released early on Monday night, possibly in a move to avoid members of the press.

Burgess responded to reports that Pistorius’ sentence was too lenient, saying: “He now enters the next phase of his sentence. He will serve this under the strict conditions that govern correctional supervision.”

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Under the terms of his release, the Olympian is prevented from handling firearms for the rest of his sentence, and must attend psychotherapy sessions.

Pistorius isn’t exactly out of the water yet, and will return to the court on the 3rd of November as the prosecution pursues a murder conviction, which would carry a minimum death sentence of 15 years.




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