#Nollywood Review Of Horn-Free Day

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Obus (Daniel O. David) sets out to Benin from Lagos on 15th October, 2014 declared as a horn-free day and when he is delayed by people, who stop to buy snacks on the road; he is reminded by his companion, Polycarp (Wisdom Igwe) not to honk his horn since the day should not witness the hooting of horns.  His action and the reaction of the irresponsible road users form the basis for Stanlee Ohikhuare’s Horn-free Day.

The point that irresponsible driving and behaviour on the road plus road rage cause the blaring of horns is well-made.  Retributive justice reminds thoughtless and offensive people that they should treat others the way they like to be treated.

Unfortunately, the film is not subtitled despite that almost every line of dialogue is in Pidgin English and slangs that cannot be understood by an international audience.  With the advent of the internet, film-makers should not take chances with anything let alone a small task like subtitles because they can never tell where the films will get to.

How come Ohikhuare could not list the role played by seven crew members against each person’s name?  The irony in Horn-free day is classical, a simple, but deep effort.

Amarachukwu Iwuala

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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