#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘Mum, Dad; Meet Sam’

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A young man, Josiah (Joseph Benjamin), returns home to Nigeria with a British fiancée; but his mother will have none of that; preferring that he rather marries Morenike (Edith Nwekenta), her choice.


Tony Sebastian Ukpo’s Mum, Dad; Meet Sam is a typical romantic comedy with predictable outcomes. The story has been told many times in other genres in Nollywood with fairly similar characters.  There is the indifferent father, the antagonistic mum and the lead female, whose friends prod until the prize is won.


Once again, it has to be stated that many mothers-in-law have cordial relationships with their daughters-in-law and that the smaller percentage, who are unfriendly, should not be the ones we present in almost all our films.


Josiah’s mum’s (Bisi’s) antics are awkward.  She does not do a good job as a nasty mother-in-law because her hyperactivity looks like oil-on-water.  Fola (A Dot Comedian), who could be aptly renamed ‘the screamer’, can only be remembered as a character in the film because he is strident.


Josiah is extremely passive.  Else, why did he find it difficult to dismiss Morenike from the house?  What was she doing there anyway?  It is embarrassing when characters like Morenike are created in films. There is really no romance between her and Josiah.  Maybe, there was; however, does it not pay an educated and good looking woman to give up on an affair that is no longer working?  How can she allow Mama Josiah to manipulate her?  What then is the essence of her education?


Fathers, who are aloof like Papa Josiah are baffling.  Under your roof, your son is camping two women and you never sit down with him for a heart-to heart.  Rather, your actions are reactionary, how wrong!


There are funny moments in Mum, Dad; Meet Sam; yes, we laugh from time to time.  Yet, everything is the way you see it.  There are no subtexts, just surface meanings. The fact that a film is a comedy does not mean that it should not give people food for thought. Of course, the movie flops in many regards.

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