#Nollywood Movie Review Of “Mr. Adams”

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Ed Irabor’s Mr. Adams is the story of a man who becomes absorbed at work that he grows apart with his wife.  Domestic violence becomes his tool when he sees letters, showing that she is cheating on him.

From the beginning to the end, the characters never immersed themselves in their roles as they recite their lines almost all the way.  For a 17-minute film, could the director not have ensured that there were adequate rehearsals that will guarantee cutting-edge performance?

How come Adams could not recognize his own handwriting or was the letter typed?  Even if there were no dates, did the paper not look old from long storage?

Mr. Adams looks hurriedly put together and the story is not plausible.

Amarachukwu Iwuala

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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