#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘Beneficence’

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Tunji (Gabriel Afolayan) faces intractable problems and bows to the pressures of becoming a toy boy to Mama (Shaffy Bello) who, in turn, sustains him financially.


The dialogue at the outset of the movie is enlivening.  Indeed, the film takes off well when we see the small (I-pass-my-neighbour) generator, the well from where he draws water and the mosquito bites when he is asleep.  Of course, no one needs to be told the social status of someone, who suffers mosquito bites every night because he cannot afford a mosquito net.


Sadly, Beneficence begins to wind down, becoming boring barely thirty minutes into the film, owing to a screenplay that is not tautly written.  It is almost impossible to remember the roles played by the rest of the cast save for Ladi Akinyosoye.  As Tunji’s friend, Ladi’s character has no distinct identity. He is recruited in the movie as an adviser to Tunji.  Again, some directors should realize that their job is daunting enough that it need not be combined with acting or any other role in the production process because it distracts them from paying full attention to directing.



Omowunmi (Tomi Odunsi), Tunji’s girlfriend, is probably the easiest person to forget after watching the movie because the screenwriters failed to make her personable.  She just seems to be in the film because Tunji must have a young girlfriend or so the screenwriters thought.  Tunji erroneously says “I am lacking behind” instead of “I am lagging behind”.


The conflicts in the film do not actually up the ante; they make the movie look like a high school project.  However, the greatest drawback in Beneficence is that both Tunji and Mama do not live up to the billing as lovers.  Perhaps constrained by the real life difference in their ages, both actors are restricted in their performance.  Therefore, we end up with a film that is distant from what it promises to be.  The flick definitely does not work.


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