#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘3 is Company’

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The tripartite friendship enjoyed by Fred (Wole Ojo), Eunice (Yvonne Jegede) and her husband, Chuma (O. C. Ukeje), is threatened when Fred falls in love with Kubnse (Peggy Ovire), Eunice’s colleague and archrival.


Eunice’s exaggerated actions and reactions do not gel.  The failure by the writer to introduce any conflict, no matter how small, in Eunice’s relationship with her husband makes that subplot uninteresting.  The film’s language is dull.  There are some films, whose stories are watery, but are then sustained by refreshing dialogue; but not 3 is Company where the conversations sound like everyday discussions, making the film quite boring.


There is very little substance to the story and, indeed, this film because there is nothing about Kubnse that makes the audience root for her as Fred battles to win her love and convince his pal’s wife to accept her as his choice.  At best, she is aloof, which results from a screenplay that does not bother to develop her character and the characters of the other cast as well.


The poster of 3 is Company is beautifully designed with Eunice, clinging to Chuma as if she is running away from Fred in a way that makes one think that a rollercoaster romantic comedy is underway.  Additionally, sighting O. C. Ukeje and Wole Ojo, the winners of the Amstel Malta Box Office reality TV show in 2006 and 2008 respectively (and the only male winners of the show) on the poster of the movie, one is enthusiastic to see the two actors together in a film, perhaps for the first time.  However, all the keenness vaporize because the film is below average.

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