No Hatred Between Bale And Ronaldo

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Jonathan Barnett, agent to Wales forward says there is no bad blood between his agent, Bale and teammate Ronaldo.

Ronaldo: Real Madrid Are On A Roll

Ever since Bale joined Madrid in 2013, there has been talk about how he and Portuguese star Ronaldo get on.

Barnett, insists there is no rift between both players despite what the media might claim

No Timescale On Bale Return

“They don’t go out eating every night together, but it’s fine,” he told the Guardian. “There’s no hatred there.

“Gareth is a quiet guy. They’re complete opposites. But I think Gareth can learn a little bit from Ronaldo as well, interacting maybe a little bit. But he wants his own life and he lives it.”

“Gareth is a great footballer, he doesn’t want anything more,” he added. “He has some very good endorsements, but his whole life is to be the best footballer in the world.

“I don’t think he wants to be the best model in the world or the best underwear seller. That’s not him.”

“I think there’s a great love of Ronaldo [at Madrid],” he stated. “I think that the new guard is coming and there’s some resentment, perhaps, to that.

“But I think things will change. Gareth’s now playing in a better position [more centrally], where he wants to play. I’ve always said it, I think he’ll be the best player in the world in the next couple of years.”




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