Nigerian Celebrities Can’t Stop Showing Off On Social Media

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Nigeria is 55 today and so we assumed that it’s people would at least be wiser but that’s not the case for some.

A few days ago, A security expert and Lagos Police Command spokesperson, DSP Joseph Offor says showing off on social media is a security risk and would advice people to calm down on it.

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His reasons being that this exposes the individual (whether celebrity or not ) to a huge security risk.

But one would only expect these so called celebrities to heed to the advice, but that’s not the case as they keep on flaunting their acquisition on Instagram.

Just last night, Singer Kcee (who is an expert in the flaunting business) shared a picture of himself with loads of dollars stacked in a bag.


And we can’t go pass how bad this disease has eaten deep into their systems. You will be wondering if a whole month can actually go by without them flaunting a new car or a new house etc.

Showing off on social media to these people is the only way they can record an achievement (at least so they believe), so we can’t blame them.

But what do you guys feel about celebrities who can’t stop showing off? Is Social media meant solely for flaunting acquisitions or it’s just a poverty mentality?



Juliet Gbemudu

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  1. Let us just believe this is for a music video or Nollywood. Let’s not believe this person actually did this and posed for a picture of him to be taken…

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