Nick Gordon Says Bobbi Kristina’s Family Is “Screwing Him Over”

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Nick Gordon Reveals Details Of Night Bobbi Kristina Drowned

Nick Gordon is not going to find the coming months easy and the reason isn’t far-fetched; he is likely going to be prosecuted for Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Bobbi Kristina passed away months ago and it is no more news that immediately she went into a coma, her family’s drama took centre stage and gave Shakespeare a run for his money. From slamming each other via social media to creating a scene at her funeral, the Browns (her father’s side) and the Houstons (her mother’s side) have been quite dramatic.

Happier Times: Nick and Bobbi Kristina seemed happy before the latter passed away
Happier Times: Nick and Bobbi Kristina seemed happy before the latter passed away

What’s more interesting is that the drama in the Houstons’ household threatens to shadow the one between them and the Browns.

And while the media is speculating all of these might be because of the estate worth millions that the late great Whitney Houston left for her late daughter, Nick Gordon is speculating or as it is, trying to speculate his ex lover’s family’s next move.

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According to TMZ, Nick Gordon strongly believes that Bobbi K’s family is trying to paint him in a certain light so that he would not stand a chance when he eventually faces trial.

In fact, he strongly believes he is being screwed over by them, saying they’re making him to look like a thief, a murderer, habitual batterer of women and so on.

And, he is trying to stop the million dollar lawsuit against him.

Gordon believes he has a right to remain silent but the civil case would force him to reveal details that would be used against him if criminal charges are eventually filed.

Wow doesn’t look too good for Mr Gordon from here…

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