Nick Gordon Injected Bobbi Kristina With A “Toxic Mixture” Before Her Death

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Nick Gordon Reveals Details Of Night Bobbi Kristina Drowned

Nick Gordon is in big trouble.

Months after Whitney Houston’s only child, Bobbi Kristina died, Nick Gordon is facing imminent murder charges.

Documents filed against Nick claim that he had an altercation with her before she died.

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The altercation reportedly left her unconscious, after which Nick who was her lover, placed her face down in a bathtub and injected her with a “toxic mixture”.

That is not all, what’s more is that Nick allegedly changed his clothes after the altercation in the bathroom.

However, Gordon’s lawyers have said that the Lawyers representing the Brown Estate (who are filing for Bobbi Kristina) have no case are just trying to make Gordon look bad.

According to them, reports of Bobbi Kristina’s autopsy are sealed so both sides haven’t seen them yet.

So they are just trying to paint Gordon black.

There have also been claims that there is a secret jury trying to convene to charge Nick with murder.

Serious times for Mr Gordon.

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