My Thursday Truth – It’s A Sexual Sumtin

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Hi, welcome to My Thursday Truth, it’s that day when I get to just be myself via words. Today I will tell some truth.

Before you proceed, please bear with my arrogance, it’s actually confidence.

Firstly, I haven’t had great sex in a while and I think it’s getting me cranky. I just have all this tension I need to release and it has to be with a guy who is a sexual king, I don’t do lazy-asses. I want something epic, like f everywhere, am so loud, I can moan for Africa, so let us get to the second part.

Secondly, it has to be comfy, I can’t take some random guy to my house, lest I f him so good and he decides to stalk me. One guy tried it, I had to leave my house for 2 weeks, imagine running from a guy because of sex. I ran.

I can get us somewhere but then it suddenly feels like am looking for a guy to pay and use, oh well. Complicated on all levels.

Thirdly, it has to be someone and somewhere I can avoid for the rest of my life, lol, extreme right, not really. I am not into guys and their new mentality of what a relationship should be cos trust me, if we need to have sex, and you don’t make me cum, you better keep going.

Don’t drop sweat on me without relieving my stress. Simple. Cos we both know you don’t give me anything therefore do the little one excellently.

I have some Thursday truth from people I have met too so read up,

my girlfriend’s boyfriend left her in Lagos on a “spiritual business trip” to Abuja complaining he didn’t have enough money for her to come along only for her to find out another chick, i.e his ex-girlfriend paid for his flight to and fro. His ex-girlfriend invited him, and he left her in Lagos to go f his ex. Like, wtf!!

L left H on the altar because he had wedding fever, truth. And am like dude, why?! Which witchcraft dust did they sprinkle on your wedding suit that you had to wait until you were fully dressed and she was waiting for you on the altar to run away.”

Oh, and there’s the one with ”the wife whose husband can’t sleep without oral sex, she even got him someone when she was pregnant. She got her husband another girl to go down on just because he can’t sleep without oral sex.”

I had a convo with a neighbor of mine who burnt hot iron on a guy’s back when he found out he was gay and hitting on his cousin. Talk about homophobic, but this same dude has anal sex with his girlfriend, and am like “sango will strike you, hypocrite, like its not the same sin, if you want to go religious”. 

And my girlfriend who got pregs for this dude she didn’t know also had a pregnant wife and the worst part is they were newly weds…. Oh lawd… why?!

I don’t know if I want a relationship, neither do I want some random f, I just want a pretend-it’s-real-while-I-f-you-like-you-really-need kinda sex. And I have to be attracted to him on that level so I can tolerate him if he doesn’t live up to his bragging. Plus who knows, you could just be what I need, shock me and f me so good, I wouldn’t want anyone else. Goals, woosh.

Trust me, when they hear I don’t cum, suddenly they want to prove they’re macho and I end up being f’d and I don’t cum, so no more osho free, make me cum or gerrarahere. I’m an alpha-female. Sex to me is a powerful expression of my sexual side. I don’t just f. I am f. Do you understand?…. Plus I have had sex 3 times this year, K made it 4.

Till then, Live, Love, Learn.  So I will just post the pictures of some dudes I have been ogling. Ha!!, I’m sure you have nudes or porn somewhere on your phone or laptop which you ogle too. *tongueout

When I was saving the pictures, my friend, J was staring at me like I had lost my mind, he was like “am right here and you are saving male pictures to ogle at”, I looked at him, rolled my eyes, hissed, and said “dude swerve”.  They don’t know me and I don’t know them which makes it better, as for you, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I will stop here now, this is my intro, check back next Thursday and I will tell you if anything has changed and give you all the gist happening around the babes and guys in my life.

The guys wont understand so this is for the girl out there looking for some loving….. Watch and Enjoy just know you can’t touch.



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