My Thursday Truth – Say No To Free Sex. Get Laid, Get Paid.

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My  Thursday Truth  – Say No To Free Sex. Get Laid, Get Paid.

Welcome to my corner. It’s that amazing day where I browse through my amazing life and dish out an amazing truth.
Before you get judge Judith on the “say no to free sex. get laid, get paid” headline, I have a question I need you to ponder on.
There are three scenarios I’ll be portraying, each representing an action. You will pick ‘honestly’ who you think is blameless.

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Each scenario represent different girls in different situations each performing the same act. Here we go:

Anna has a boyfriend, she is faithful to him. He gives her money to the best of his financial ability (which ain’t enough cos girls always have bills to pay but she stays with him anyway), and as with the definition of relationship this days, sex is expected, so she gives him sex, whenever, wherever, however. All in the name of ‘we are in a relationship’.
I mean can a guy continuously give out money to a girl who isn’t serving him some? #justasking.
Simi is a freelancer. She gives it up whenever she wants, to whoever interests her vagina’s needs. She doesn’t really need anything from him, just his d. Financially, she’s your regular osho-free. Go hard and go broke. No steady source of income, just surviving on tips and change. Or blowing whatever she has saved up until she goes broke again. She has no boyfriend.
After the sex she goes home looking for who will give her money to fix Brazilian hair and subscribe her iPhone’s data.
Mel is a business girl. No money, no sex. If it ain’t about the money she ain’t about the sex. She sleeps with a guy, gets paid and uses the money to pay her bills, sort her family problems, and assists her sibs anyway she can. She has no ‘exclusive’ boyfriend.

Which brings us to the question.
Question 1. Who would you rather have as a sister?
Question 2. If you’re to judge it on morality, who really is blameless?


Personally, I don’t want some ‘bad guy’ gbaing my sister’s head in the name of love.
She’ll visit him for the weekend and get her ass excavated on. He’ll bang her like some archeologist just discovered fossils of a dinosaur in her vagina all weekend then kiss her forehead, tell her ‘I love you’ then send her home with only t-fare; when she has my humble self patiently waiting for her to come back from her boyfriend’s house so she could at least dash me bar.

In Uni, I used to have some mumu girlfriends like that. They’ll go out on Thursday only to come back on Sunday evening or Monday noon after lectures to ask me ‘babes, food dey’ like their parent made me their personal maid to prepare food for them when they go out to give another man their vagina, all weekend.

I find it stupid that a girl will leave her house, and go to a man’s house, bang him all weekend, and come back broke. Especially when she knows, she is broke. Two/Too broke don’t make one rich. That’s actually a two-way punch line.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying, you must always ask for money from your man before he can get some, but if you really need money, I think you should ask. If you don’t ask how will you receive? And truth is asking will always let you know where you stand with a guy, cos any guy that can’t help you when you need him financially is still a liability to himself and you as a liability on your own, you do not want to be unevenly yoked with a liability too.

As a guy, cut your coat according to where you are going to sew it. You can cut it to your material but it’s a roadside tailor that will sew it for you, accept it with all humility and gratitude.

Don’t go looking for some chick that has struggled hard to get to where she is, and then you want to keep shagging her while she takes care of herself, with the mentality of ‘after-all she’s financially dependent’. If you’re interesting enough, she might string you along, but only for a while, you’ll definitely get dumped when she’s done with you. Guys do the same thing and financially-dependent women are learning from them. Say no to osho-free.


If you’re a girl reading this, please take a moment and ponder. How many of your boyfriend’s have you slept with in the name of love? How many times have you slept with them? If your boyfriend paid you at least 50K every time he banged you, how much would your account be worth?

That boy you are giving your body for free, in the name of love, will leave you tomorrow when he’s done with your body, your case is even worse than that of an osho-free, you’re even a mugu on top. Lol.


If you’re a guy, and you have a girl who is faithful to you, please, your girl has needs. Encourage her to get a job, you can help by sorting her out with t-fare till she gets settled. The prob with this case is, there’s a 70% chance she’ll leave you once she starts earning her own cash. That’s the irony of money. Money changes people, even love.

On the ground of morality, all three chicks are performing the same sin of fornication. If you will get punished for committing a sin at least get paid, plus, research shows that girls who are consciously aware that they use their body for business are more STD conscious than those who just give it out to their man or men in the name of love. Blindly and trustingly having unprotected sex.


Let me narrate an ironic experience.

I have a guy who has been on my case since January. He keeps talking about how he will turn me up, down, left, right, center if he ever gets me in bed and I just stare at his forehead; in my mind I’m like ‘this one is looking for osho-free’.

He’s a cool guy when his head is normal so I still keep him as a friend cos we are in the same profession. I think he’ll be good sexually but omo, my no-to-free-sex policy is so strong, I had to get a job cos I can’t sleep around for money. Why? I’m kinda famous so it’s just global casting, before I’ll wake up one day and catch myself on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Back to my friend, yeah, so one day we were just talking and he said ‘Wendy, tell me whatever you want to make this happen, I freaking want you’, I suddenly realized I had this crush on his iPad air so I replied, with my dopey grin and dimple charm ‘Your iPad air’.

The reply this guy gave me, made me thank God I hadn’t had sex with him and made me extremely grateful for my say-no-to-free-sex policy. He replied ‘ahn ahn, my iPad air is worth more than your vagina joor’ I instantly fired, ‘your father as in your gene gene gene generation’.

Chill, did this guy just qualify an iPad air over my precious, warm, juicy vagina? iPad air that will crash and the screen will break tomorrow? Common, ordinary, iPad air?, my life have finish.

Anyway I graciously told him, ‘you’ll grow creaky looking for my squeaky-clean vjayjay. Please add it to your ”to-do-before-I-die” list, cos you’ll die trying ’.


I can ONLY have sex with a guy, on my own free will. I want it. Fine, let’s go there, but if I am not interested and you want to convince me to let you relieve your stress on my body, well that new apartment will definitely be worth my while, or sunbathing at Burj al Arab while thinking of how great the sex with you was will definitely be worth my while, I mean, ain’t nobody gat time for that.

As a girl you must understand that any guy looking to stay with you forever by wifing you, wouldn’t stress you for sex. It’s those dragons looking for who to burn that frustrate your fragile life with sexual demands without any intention to commit to the relationship in any order manner. If he isn’t assisting you, set him free. Relationships should be a support system and not an umbrella for ‘acceptable’ fornication.

I can’t sleep with you and still have to deal with the stress of paying my bills myself while you relieve your stress and move on to your next osho-free victim. Been there, done that, check please. Yes.


So, If you’re a guy reading this and you are honest with yourself, you’ll advise your younger sister if you have any, to use her head, be wise, and don’t fall for any sugar-coated, horny-dripping, broke-ass boys looking for free vagina to devour.

I rest my case. Freely air your accepts and rejects, it’s a forum for convo.




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  1. True talk Wendiva. Every girl who has sex before marriage is committing the same sin with a prostitute the only diff is one is getting paid.

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