MUSIC: Cassper Nyovest – Dust 2 Dust (AKA Diss)

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DOWNLOAD: Cassper Nyovest - Dust 2 Dust (AKA Diss)


Cassper Nyovest finally lost his Composure as he puts out the type of AKA response the whole of Africa has been anticipating – #Dust2Dust.

Cassper Nyovest in his own words said he never would have responded if AKA didn’t mention his queen!

I guess AKA would have to get into the kitchen to cook something else cause Cassper Nyovest killed this one.

Download mp3 of Dust 2 Dust by Cassper Nyovest below and let us know your thoughts.


  DOWNLOAD: Cassper Nyovest - Dust 2 Dust (AKA Diss) (5.2 MiB, 573,687 hits)

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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  1. That’s what aka did, Cassper tells the truth all the time deal with it. When one elevates people are jealous form a camp.

  2. Andy Ay
    @Cassper Nyafosta I’m not really impressed with your response to AKA’s Composure. I feel like you rushed to respond to your Composure.?

  3. ya this this nigger so whack. AKA said it when he said u can have money but u cant buy taste. Casper so whack so weak

  4. Damn, Lets wait and hear A.K.A if he does respond with something harder. if he does then i will say he got skill. otherwise fetch a Body Bag coz nigga got gunned down like dogs.

  5. AKA’s fans are commenting shit about #Dust2Dust . . While Cassper’s fans never commented about #Composure . . It shows that Cassper really buried AKA alive . . I Salute you bra you really nailed it #TeamNyovest lol haha ?

  6. Cassper is the ishhhhh mani, yinja lomuntu straight. Now thats what I call a diss track, something you have to sit down and listen carefully at not something you can dance to!!!!!!!!

  7. in all honesty I think that dust to dust is ruff however I also think that it is not lyrical it is not hip hop it is flawsing and gossip. he went hard but if the only come back he had was to expose everything he knows about aka then whats he gonna do when aka releases another track? this is the same reason why jay z lost the battle against nas.

  8. AKA is nothing compared to cassper, i didnt even have to listen to his so called ‘composure’ coz i knew twasnt worth it

  9. Nee this beef between casper & aka boring it’s becoming like a sopi. and I quote ” LESS DRAMA MORE MUSIC ” asb toe

  10. Being honest it took casper three songs when A.k.A only one…pfffs fvcked don’t know music

  11. why is it that when Caper respond, people start talking wack. at the end pretty boys always win. truth be said, Casper didnt just killed it but murdered the niggar. we all know aka is gonna respond, but like casper said, its cocaine talking, hahahahaha.

  12. Oh thanks Cassper for putting AKA in his place .. I just hope he doesnt reply cause he’ll be wasting his damn time!!

  13. Cassper my man damn you’re the bomb but ey don’t entertain him psssh he’s just some snob tryna copy drake..nd I’ve listened to composures and well according to me..its nothing compared to this..I love you bro #biggestfan noma kanjani

  14. Shame Casper just had to feel compelled to do a dis track, why stoop so low, when composure wasn’t even solely about you hahaha I guess it’s true when Aka says “this ain’t your moment we own it now” Composure my man! Sorry bhhutt your wack dis track doesn’t come close to the great hip hop track Aka created. Better luck next time ne #Composure

  15. Man this ain’t no real beef just Niggers trying to protect there rap pride because if one of them was smart enough not to respond there would been boo’s and shit but it’s better not to respond shows your man enough not to beef over bullshit

  16. ae cassper you ar the man shame well done dust to dust i love it,u say the thruth cz aka doesnt have nex but u my man,u have a company family tree u are a man love u,suck your dick aka

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