Mourinho: Costa Targeted By Media

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Mourinho has defended striker Diego Costa, saying the Spain international is being unfairly portrayed by the media.

Costa was banned after the match that saw him tangle with Laurent Koscienly last month for three matches, but returned to play the hero against Aston Villa.

The Spanish forward opened the scoring and his shot deflected off Alex Hutton to get the second goal and seal the win for Chelsea.

Costa was involved in a brief skirmish with Villa’s Ashley Westwood on Saturday and Mourinho said: “I’m pleased he didn’t react, but I would be even happier if the people who find his hypothetical or real negative moments were honest the other way and show and show and show.

“He will be targeted until the moment people point the finger at them and show the images, re-show the images and have the top pundits speaking about it.

“When you lose him we’re a bit in trouble because the team always depends on a striker like him, from a character and personality like him.

“Diego isn’t a leader in the dressing room, he doesn’t even speak English well, but in the game, the way he plays, the way he gives his body to the cause is brilliant.”



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