Most Wanted List: No, BBC Africa. Shekau Was NOT Repeated Twice

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Earlier this week, the Nigerian Military released a list of the 100 Most Wanted Boko Haram suspects, providing a hotline for calls, should they be spotted by citizens.

Boko Haram Most Wanted list

BBC Africa in publishing about the Most Wanted list stated that Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau was displayed twice on the list, at number 97 and number 100.

And while Nigerians swallowed the announcement, hook, line and sinker, BBC Africa did not state the facts properly, instead leaving out bits of fact.

The Nigerian Military have severally announced that there has been at least 2 Abubakar Shekau impostors, even making a poster showing the difference between the two Shekaus.

Different Shekau's

And as seen from the photos of Most Wanted suspects released by the military, those two suspected terrorists at 97 and 100 are the two different Shekaus. The one at 97 is the earlier Shekau – calm, serious and horrible. The one at 100 is the more recent one who is more clownish, loud and equally horrible.

The only question BBC Africa (and we Nigerians) should be asking, is why is it that the Nigerian Military is publishing these faces when they have claimed to kill at least one of these Shekaus.



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