Mixed Reactions Trail Amaechi’s Ministerial Screening

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Senate Comes For Amaechi: “You Lied To Nigerians”

At long last, the Nigerian Senate screened Rotimi Amaechi, the former governor of Rivers state today, October 22.


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Recall, Amaechi had been accused of looting N70billion of Rivers state funds while he was governor, but he has denied the allegation, insisting that he was being witch-hunted by his successor, Nyesom Wike.

During the screening, when told to clear his name of corrupt dealings, the ex Rivers state governor  said “I have never collected a bribe in my life.” ‘If we keep to the rule of law, allow a Governor to function as a Governor, that will be it’

His respond angered Nigerians as they’ve started to buzz the social media with mixed reactions.

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Here are reactions from social media after the ex governor was screened.

Freedom Banks via Facebook- Screening Amaechi to a minister is a complete show of shame, barbarism, uncivilisations, mediocrity and pettiness. A big ridicule to true leadership, governance, democracy and freedom.

Nigeria and Nigerians have come face to face with the worst form of leadership flops and junk governance orchestrated by sheer revengeful greed, insatiability, tribalism, nepotism, witchhunts, primitivity, dictatorship and tyranny. A great defeat to the principles of Nigerian democratic foundations

Odedele Akintunde David – PDP hast turned Amaechi to a political guru. A very big name in Nigeria politics. The more you turn against Amaechi the more bigger He becomes. The only way to fight Amaechi is to remain silent.

Onuoha Ozioma – Gov Rotimi Amechi. Was never corrupt; he is only a man of intergity who was championing a just coust.

Emman Ogunfowora – So, Ameachi has many friends and colleagues in the 8th Senate. There was no embarrassing questions. If eventually confirmed as Minister of Federal Republic of Nigeria, I believe he has a lot to offer Nigerians.

Akwa Richard – The evil group call APC did not ask the animal called Amaechi about the muliti billion USD mono rail project he abandond in Ribers State?

Abdulkadir Mohammed – Amaechi is always a winner, congrate

Afolayan Olawale Joseph – despite the false alleged against me,he came.he saw and he conquer!kudos honourable Oluwadarasimi Rotimi Amaechi.The lion’s of south south

Idrith Garba – Amaechi is my favourite, because of his love to buhari and also his commitment to the wind of change which blow away the most corrupt president in the history of Nigeria, if Amaechi was corrupt he couldn’t have show that commitment, he could have loved to go with the incubent candidate Jonathan but he sticked to buhari who has no kobo to give Amaechi, kudus to baba Amaechi and more kudus to buhari osunbanjo

Marco Marco – Minister or not amaechi is no Saint so he shouldn’t claim to be one, he widely opened his mouth and said, we(politicians) robb you(masses) cos u say/do nothing so we continue so in essence any well reasonable politician should stay away from amaechi cos he admitted that he and his allies are thieves.

Its a pity Rotimi Amaechi couldn’t know the difference between Nepotism,Partisanship and Corruption.- @Awhy001 via Twitter

I put it to PDP Senators are Coward for not able to ask amaechi a single Question.

Despite that amaechi still challenge them and their Hero (GEJ) that he has all the document of allegation with him, and there was no place in the report of the committee, yet all of them are only looking like a cow, can’t even challenge any single point.

Seems its only Social Media and Newspaper PDP can Challenge amaechi, non can speak to his face…. SHAME ON THEM ALL – phemmyutd via Nairaland

So so much love this man Chibuike rotimiamaechi, aka (lion of Niger Delta)… minister or no minister I love ur courageous n principled life style..- realsammy via Nairaland

Timothy Oreoluwa Ogunyinde said:With the charade i just saw during today’s Ministerial Screening of Amaechi.

Let it be on record that today, I, Ogunyinde Timothy Oreoluwa officially renounce and denounce any support or whatsoever to PDP. The party has no future.The future of Nigeria is not in the hands of PDP or APC. A third force driven by passion, patriotism and nationhood will need to ARISE!

“P.S It won’t stop me from saying the truth!!”

J Collins Eke said:He was cracking jokes instead of doing the real business of answering APC senseless questions. (PDP withdrew from the screening process)…That was #WISDOM.”

Maryam Hameed Ali said:#Na_God_Win_o! All preys must submit to their predator by will or presure. Ameachi remains the LION of Niger Delta wheather they like it or not.”

Adedeji Henry Olugbenga said:For emancipation sake, let us enlighten some ignoramus on difference between screening and confirmation, sections 147 (6) states that senate shall screen d ministerial nominee base on president recommendations, but the president still have power to confirm the candidate after name has been forwarded for 21 days. Now the screening is done and Senate has confirmed him by asking him to take a bow and go, cause they had exhausted all the question posed for him. shikena.”




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