Ministerial Screening: Senate Screens Enyinna Enelamah, 10 Notable Quotes He Made

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National Assembly, Ministerial List

The Nigerian senate has concluded the screening proceeding of ministerial nominee, Eyinna Enelemah from Abia state.

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The medical doctor by training, was comprehensively grilled with fielded questions from Senators Ali Ndume, Barnabas Gimade, Aliyu Sabi, Ben Murray Bruce, Oluremi Tinubu, and Stella Oduah.

Ministerial ScreeningEnelemah vowed to work tirelessly with President Buhari for a new and better Nigeria.

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Here are 10 of his notable quotes during his screening below:

1. We need to emphasize on areas that I call inclusive growth because all growth are not the same. The key to create inclusive growth is creating an enabling environment for investment.
2. The potentials of this country are enormous and to realise such potentials, we need to make some facilities available.
3. Our Youths need training. We have to create opportunities for on-the-job skills for us to witness growth in this country we need to work with discipline. Most people will only invest in places where they are sure to get returns. I believe we can attract investment.
4. The private sector wants profit and public sector wants service to the people. I believe they can coexist.
5. We have to create an enabling environment to export. One that will encourage people to invest. A government that is ethical and responsible attracts the best deals.
6. The government is very keen on carrying the people along. There will be policies that will create employment. We will create an enabling environment for investors to travel around the country.
7. What we need to solve the power problem is collaboration between the public and private sector.
8. Transparency is what we need in the stock exchange to build back more of people’s confidence
9. I believe creating infrastructure and putting facilities in place will create an enabling environment. If we want to have a sound government, we have to create an enabling environment for our people to invest in first.
10. Foreign investors don’t invest because our local investors don’t invest in Nigeria. It’s sends a wrong message.



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