Micheal Jackson’s Daughter, Paris Jackson gives us major relationship goals

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Beautiful daughter to late pop star Micheal Jackson, Paris Jackson, 17, is schooling every one in a relationship on what a “real relationship” should be.

Her proud boyfriend Chester Castellaw is everywhere around her and they flaunt their love for anyone who cares to take pointers.


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Shunning every advice against public display of affection on social media , this young loves are always on each others IG feed,  posting up shots from dates to kisses and drive through….

Their relationship goals are major and only very few can keep up. We wish them happy loving. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Paris who had a break down after father’s death 6 years ago seems to be doing amazingly well with Castellaw, her bae of one year plus.

He’s good for her.

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In 2013, Paris was hospitalized for a failed suicide attempt after she cut her wrists and swallowed ibuprofen tablets.

After being discharged from the  hospital she moved to a residential treatment centre.

She resumed classes with a private boarding school for kids who need extra emotional support.




Paris Jackson also reconnected with her mother, Debbie Rowe.

She stars in a movie Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys slated to be released in 2017 .IMG_20151008_184351Paris who though is not a girl any more is however, yet to be a woman as she has a year to mark the big 18  to be legally described as a woman.

She’s been spotted at several events with Chester Castellaw.

This events include his high school graduation and the launch of “The Jacksons: Next Generation”, a new docu-series belonging to her cousins.IMG_20151008_184243It’s obvious he makes her crazy happy with the goofy grins and the cute smiles.

And you know, irrespective of whatever age you find that one that makes you smile all the time, you should enjoy it.

Her bae of a year and counting is exactly what she needs to move up and move on.

Plus she has stars like Beyoncé repping her late father’s legacy I WILL ALWAYS BE A MOONWALKER.


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She posted with the hashtag #thingsiwontforget the goodbye hug he gave me before he left for rehearsal.. last time I saw him





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