Michael Jackson Is The Highest Earning Dead Celebrity, Singer Made $115Million In The Past Year

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson keeps winning, even in death.

The Legend who passed away in 2009 might be long dead but his money is still alive and very much so.

According to Forbes, Micheal Jackson has topped the list of the highest earning dead celebrities in the world again this year.

In 2009, Michael Jackson passed on much to the shock of everyone. Probably one of the most devastating deaths in modern times, MJ left a blank space nobody can fill in a long time (so maybe someone needs to tell Nick Cannon that the MJ and 2Pac comparison he made with Chris Brown is ludicrous).

high on that Wiz Khalifa weed? Nick Cannon equated Chris Brown with the greats days ago.

Credited with having the highest selling Album of all times, MJ is now being credited with making the highest amount of money ever by a dead celebrity this year.

According to Forbes:

In the time since Michael Jackson’s sudden death in 2009, the financial story that has played out has been nothing short of a thriller. The King Of Pop has earned more than $1billion before taxes since then, enough to pay off his personal debts and then some.

Whoa! Forbes adds that MJ tops this year’s highest earning dead celebs with $115million in the past year.

The Bad Singer has been able to accomplish this through the Vegas Cirque du Soliel show Michael Jackson One, the Mijac Music Catalogue, recorded music sales and half of the Sony/ATV publishing empire.

According to Daily Mail, Micheal’s top earnings since he died has not only made him the highest earning dead celebrity but he’s also been able to earn more than any living solo musician.

Following Michael Jackson in the top earning position are Rock n Roll king, Elvis Presley, Raggae king Bob Marley, Screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor and others.

The King lives forever.

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  1. Michael Jackson, who Forbes rightly credits with already grossing over a billion dollars after his death, is not the only one in this rather peculiar category. Typically, Elvis Presley did it first, the number of known receipts from Graceland visits, which started in 1982 and are thought to be approaching 20 million and especially if adjusted to inflation, being an early indication (at US$ 40 per admission, 20 million tickets over a 33 year period would amount to US$800,000,000 and this does not include any of the other numerous Presley ventures as well as the fact Presley has sold some 36 million Cd’s since 1991 and is currently the 11th biggest album seller in America since Soundscan began (incidentally, outselling MJ in the process).

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