#Men’sHealthThursday: Healthy Reasons To Touch Your Crotch Frequently

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#Men’sHealthThursday: Healthy Reasons To Touch Your Crotch Frequently

It is common to see a Nigerian man grab his trousers in an activity that is commonly referred to as ‘packing’. It is an indirect way of touching the crotch to make sure it is still present and to move the scrotum into a more comfortable position. More so, it’s also another way guys tend to relax as you may have caught one or two guys sliding their hands down their pants and playing with their ‘johnny’.

The truth is a lot of guys do this whether they have been caught at it or not. It is one of those natural instincts that men seem to have embedded in them as there’s not much they can do than to reach down for their crotch either in public or private with little or no care for who is looking. You might want to know what exactly is responsible for this gross habit and if there are any healthy reasons attached to it. The reasons below might tell you why.

Doing So Helps To Protect Your Scrotum

Grabbing your crotch or out rightly touching your scrotum may be hazardous to people around you considering the amount of Bacteria you can easily transmit by doing so, the upside to this however is that when men subconsciously touch their scrotum, they feel more relaxed and at ease with their entire body.

Men feel their scrotum is protected from any potential harm when they do this as it forms a sort of natural protection from any unfriendly jab like kicking a ball against it or someone accidentally hitting them down there. This perhaps maybe the reason why football players constantly cover their penile area with their hands during a free kick and adjust down there during constantly during normal play.

It Helps To Relax Your Nerves

Some psychologists have attributed a close link between excellent performances in sports, business and some other activities with touching parts of the body. Some scientists also found out that touching and rubbing certain body parts such as the scrotum, stomach and breast area triggered the release of oxytocin which has also been commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone’ according to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

This hormone helps to calm the body by relaxing the nerves. As such, this maybe while touching your crotch may have a calming effect. Touching your scrotum in public is gross and some scientists recommend touching your arms or the back of your neck instead if your intention is to reduce anxiety.

It Helps To Show You’re The Boss

According to the founder of Alpha Male Medical Institute, Rob Kominiarek (a family physician), men that touch their crotch while facing a rival at a business or casual meeting could be marking their territory or trying to pass a subtle message of who is in charge.

If you’re competing over a girl, it’s the best way of sending a “back off” message to the other guy. Doing so has evolutionary bearings as it’s a crude way of making your rival know that you’ve got the lady in question on your side. On the business side, it could mean you’re telling your rival that the client is yours.

However, it is important that you learn not to touch your crotch at awkward places and times so as not to look like a pervert. Be manly but do it the right way.



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