#Men’s Health Thursday: Why It Is Healthier To Leave Hair On Your Body

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Despite the fact that a lot of women talk about how they find body hair attractive on men, a lot of us still spend money and time shaving off the hair that abounds all around our bodies. Of course, it’s not that attractive to look at an unshaven armpit unlike it’s facial hair counterpart. You may want to consider some of the healthy reasons why you should leave some hair on your body. Body hair is more important than most of us know and they play some very vital roles in our day to day lives as you will get to learn below.

Body Hair Help to Maintain Body Temperature

Humans are warm blooded for a reason as our body temperature does not adjust to the surrounding environmental temperature but remains the same. As such our body temperature plays a role in keeping us warm. Hair on our bodies successfully regulate our body temperature by helping to guide sweat away from our pores when we are hot and withholding body heat when the environmental temperature is cold.

Body Hair Boosts Your Sex Drive

A link exist between body hair and the amount of male hormones you have. People with body hair (especially pubic hair) have been thought to have a higher production rate of testosterone and androgen hormones which increase sex drive. On the other hand, people who have sparse and dry pubic hair may be suffering from one or more mineral deficiencies and hormonal imbalances which have a long term effects on male libido.

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Body Hair Dies And Falls Off young

Well, this fact actually helps you save time as you don’t have to worry much about the effects of leaving your body hair for too long. Body hair lives way shorter with a lifespan of about 6 months unlike the hair growing from our scalp which lives on for much longer.

You Can’t Have Hair Loss Forever

This might sound strange but the truth is when a person loses his hair, it is in no way permanent but actually dormant for a certain time. If a person with hair loss is lucky to live long enough, the hair just may start growing back!

People That Lack Hair Live Lesser On The Average Than People Who Do

Research has shown that people with hair tend to live longer on the average than people who lack hair putting into consideration other environmental factors. Blonde-haired people are known to produce more oestrogen just as bald people to have a shorter life span on the average.

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Hair Level May Determine Intelligence

This may sound absurd, but it’s true. A recent research study found out that the amount of body hair you have may determine how smart and intelligent you are. The study claims that smart and intelligent people are quite busy doing other things that they don’t have time to shave. Sounds odd but interesting all the same.



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