#Men Only: Three Ways You Can Dress To Look More Muscular

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The struggle to appear bigger is one that myself and a million guys out there can relate to. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t visit the gym to become muscular, you may want to consider other means to appear bigger and fitter than you actually are in reality. The truth is irrespective of how we look or work, a lot of us won’t mind gaining a bit of muscle. However, certain clothes we wear make us smaller than we actually are. As a result, picking the right clothes will have an effect on how big and muscular you appear.

Here are three style tricks that are guaranteed to make you look like you have more muscle than you really have.

Understand the Seams of your clothes

When you’re not too muscular, it is essential you understand the seams of your clothes. Ensure that the seams lining the shoulder lines of your shirt align with your shoulders. If the seams don’t align or they fall below your shoulder line, your shoulders would seem small in comparison with your shirt.

If your seams however line up squarely or are slightly raised above your shoulders, your are bound to look broader and bigger than you actually are. People around you would see you as someone who appears “too big for their shirts to contain “.

Look For A Shirt That Fits Perfectly

If you buy shirts that are well-fitted, this would help to accentuate your biceps and pectoralis muscles making you appear bigger. It is however important that you know that there is a massive difference between wearing shirts that are skin-tight and those that snug up on your body. Choose a shirt that hugs your body curves especially your shoulders and arms. Avoid shirts that hug your mid section and lower extremities though.

Cotton shirts that stretch usually go well with slim guys that want to look broader. These type of shirts do not form wrinkles much and they cling to the body frame more than other type of clothing materials.

Select Shirts With Good Patterns

Patterns have an effect on the way you appear. Certain patterns like the vertical stripes tend to make you look taller than you actually are while horizontal stripes make you look wider and broader. As such, if you want to look broader and bigger, pick shirts with patterns that stretch across your body frame rather than those that would go from top to bottom.

More so, shirts that are dark coloured across the chest with a lighter colour around the midriff are good in creating the illusion that you’re more muscular than you are as dark coloured shirts tend to cling more to your skin.



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