Meet The 21 Year Old Who Looks Exactly Like Leonardo Dicaprio

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If you watched Titanic, then you will be forgiven if you mistake young 21-year-old Swedish, Konrad Annerud as the man who took the lead role in that movie.

Check this.

Konrad Annerud and Leonardo Dicaprio
Konrad Annerud, on the left and Leonardo Dicaprio, on the right

Konrad looks exactly like Leonardo Dicaprio did 18 years ago when Titanic was released. Konrad’s peculiar looks have gotten him Instagram famous, garnering him more than 58,000 Instagram followers.

He says even despite the age difference between he and the actor, he still gets confused for the 40 year old actor. Here are 5 photos of young Conrad Annerud below. We will slip one of Leonardo DiCaprio and let’s see if you can spot it. ?

Konrad1 Konrad2 Konrad3 Konrad4 Konrad5




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