Meet Multi-talented Model, Gojko Lojpur

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After surviving three wars, he packed only one bag and $400 he left everything he knew in Eastern Europe and headed west toward the United States in pursuit of the American Dream.
Meet Gojko Lojpur, new and multi-talented male model, actor, and singer who left his home country of Serbia and planted new roots in America.
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Gojko grew up in a small town in south Serbia. His mom was a single mom that struggled throughout his childhood to make ends meet. Gojko started dancing traditional  Serbian folklore at the age of six and continued throughout his life.  At the age of 18 he started going to the music school “Dr Vojislav Vuckovic” in Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 20, after realizing his ambitions were larger than opportunity would allow in Serbia, he moved to Los Angles, California and started his life from the beginning.
Talent agents, and photographers in Los Angeles saw his talent and he started modeling. In just few months he has achieved what most people take years to accomplish and weirdly has become one to watch!
This is only the beginning of a promising career,  soon you will know the face and name – Gojko Lojpur!
 Photo credits: Martin Angelo  @photomagicology  
Gojko Lojpur

Gojko Lojpur

Multi-talented male model, actor and singer.

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