Man Shares Scary New Extortion Method By Some Policemen

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A user on Nairaland with the name iamdotune shared a scary story of how he and his father were set up by a policeman, and if not for luck, would have been in serious trouble.

He narrates in a post (rewritten for easier comprehension),

“My dad and I were coming back from [the] office [when] we saw a policeman that stopped us and pleaded [with us] to carry him to his checkpoint. My dad being a kind man allowed him in and then told me to come and seat with him (the dad) at the backseat so the official can sit in the front with the driver. We never got to any check point before the policeman said he was okay and would like to alight.

We dropped him when we saw two bullets rolling from underneath the front seat to my dad’s leg. My dad was like “What a pity! This man forgot a bullet.”

We couldn’t turn back and give the bullet back so he took it and threw it out from the window. When we got to [a] police checkpoint, they stopped us and asked for some particulars. Our glass was tinted, so they asked about that too. The man checking the particulars asked us to come down from the vehicle for a thorough search.

They searched and searched [like they were looking for something in particular] and found nothing. They made a signal and one guy went a feet ahead to make a call, came back annoyed then my dad knew what was going on – the earlier bullet we discovered was deliberately planted in the car by the policeman we picked up.

My father asked, “Haven’t you searched enough?” before they let us go.




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