She-Male Goes To Male Prison: Transgender Woman Gets Sent To All Male Prison. Trouble Anyone?!

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She-Male Goes To Male Prison: Transgender Woman Gets Sent To All Male Prison. Trouble Anyone?!


If you were to be the judge or jury would you send Tara Hudson who is a transgender make-up artist facing twelve weeks jail-time to an all-male prison?

Tara who has been a trans her whole adult life admitted to assault last year and is been forced to serve her jail-time in an all-male Category-B prison despite having gone through six years of gender reconstruction surgery to become a female.

Tara is still not seen as a woman ‘legally’ as she’s yet to possess a Gender Recognition Certificate: the formal and expensive legal document that validates a person’s gender transition. Prison authorities claim she cannot be registered as a woman without the GRC.

With six-hundred men presently locked up at the prison to which she is been sent, and reports of increase in violence by inmates recently, it’s glaring that Tara will be thrown to a pack of wolves as those six-hundred horny-hungry men will see her as a female even when prison documents state her as a male.

Her mother, Jackie Brooklyn, perturbed by the courts decision, told the Bath Chronicle “There’s nothing male about her. Nobody would know the difference. She looks like a woman. I just feel the men are going to go after her”, she also added “It’s totally outrageous, I don’t think she’ll cope well at all. It’s going to be humiliating. I just want to get my daughter into a safe, female environment where she belongs and will continue to fight the decision”.

Speaking on the issue is Amnesty International’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisor, Leda Avgousti, disclosed ‘We know that trans women placed with male inmates are put at a heightened risk of physical and sexual abuse and that’s a real concern. Trans inmates must absolutely not be placed with detainees where violence is a high probability’.


A petition to permit Tara serve her sentence at a female prison has already picked up almost twenty-five-thousand signatures. She has been permitted to serve out her sentence in an all-female prison.

As the judge or jury, do you think she should be allowed to stay in an all-female prison after being a man who transitioned to a woman or do you think she should be sent to the male prison since he is a man by birth but a woman by transition?!





Photo Credit, Dazed

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